Program Director Mentoring

As a radio broadcast programmer, you will learn leadership, marketing, music selection, and talent development skills that will lead to, consistently, higher ratings and a much higher standing in your company and the industry.

This a 60 to 90-minute monthly one-on-one session depending on the programmer’s level of experience. This would include any off-session email or phone discussion as needed/desired. The objective is for the programmer to have a better understanding of all facets his/her job inside and outside of the radio station.

  • Station branding – Branding vs Positioning; On air branding and social media branding, etc.
  • The station sound – Developing your vision; Communicating your Vision; Hearing your vision
  • Music selection and scheduling – What works and what doesn’t; Working with the labels; working with your programming bosses
  • Personality coaching – Aircheck critiques and other forms
  • Marketing/promotion – Working with sales and promotions
  • Technical – What you do and don’t need to know
  • Leadership skills – Learning to “manage up”; Working with all departments; Leading your team
  • Ratings – What you can control and what you can’t; How to interpret in various situations
  • Personal development – setting realistic goals

Learn from a 35+ Year Radio Veteran

John Shomby will show you the ins and outs of the radio business and teach you how to succeed.